Fair Weather Gardeners

This piece is taken from ‘The Haphazard Gardener’ 

Fair weather gardeners may miss the subtleties of colour, texture and new buds forming. Thanks to Gay’s teachings and my passion for what I was doing, no matter what time of the year, my eyes and senses were constantly open and alert whilst I worked at Orchards.

As the herbaceous plants were cut back, rich brown compost was laid on the cleared borders. Dew laden spiders’ webs glistened in the early morning sun. Minute diamonds dripped from open panicles of panicum and miscanthus. Fluffy inflorescences’ of miscanthus now faded from the rich reddish-purple of the unfolding flowers which matured to a silvery hue then white to beige; closed tightly in the dampness reverting to a dull corn tint

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