Morgan Lewis Windmill, Barbados

Thanks to our wonderful hosts – during our recent trip to Barbados – we were taken on a drive around the island – and to our delight to Morgan Lewis Windmill, the only intact sugar mill remaining on the island, and one of only two in the Caribbean. The bodies of many now defunct mills can be still be seen but this one, maintained by the Barbados National Trust, includes an ‘exhibit of the equipment used to produce sugar at the time when the industry was run by wind power generated from mills such as this one.’ (

East Coast Barbados.jpgThe wildness of the eastern coastline, which this windmill overlooks is so different to the tranquility of St James where we were staying. Apparently, the air is so laden with salt that rust is a real problem, with the railings and the white goods within the properties that dot the hillsides. The surrounding area too, is reminiscent of parts of Scotland and is named the Scotland District.

Sadly the windmill was closed by the time we arrived but if we ever return to this beautiful island we will make a return visit.

Morgan Lewis Windmill 5.jpgMorgan Lewis Windmill2.jpgMorgan Lewis Windmill 1.jpg

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