Passing of the Hours

This poem is featured in my third poetry collection ‘Non-Specific’ due to be published in early 2022. It is inspired by an elderly friend from the early 1990s, a friendship that continued until her passing. So often in my life I have found inspiration from more elderly ladies – their wisdom and stoicism and inspiration for a then middle-aged woman.

Though frail and in need of a new hip, she continued to garden, whist using her walking stick and undertook most chores in her small cottage garden. Her easel stood near the French doors which led from her sitting room to the garden in her ancient characterful cottage – always with an unfinished painting, which changed almost daily. Even with her advancing years she was never idle – and counselled me to be the same…that was the inspiration for my poem.

The Passing of the Hour,

Never waste them,

the minutes never come back again

even relaxing could be precious moments lost,

unless you’re planning…

Your next story, picture,

a special trip to some unexplored place

but never overlook the importance of them

the hours are too precious a commododity.

Observe, note, drink in all around you.

Smile and reflect on happy memories

or think of the memories that could be made.

Take each minute that passes and make it count in a special way.

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