The Haphazard Gardener


To take on the garden of such a professional amateur should have been a daunting task but for me it was a pleasure.

As the daughter of the late Arthur Hellyer – editor, horticultural journalist, author and photographer my story is quite unique.

Follow the sentimental journey of our time in the garden, the most rewarding period of my life when my ambition to open my own specialist nursery was fulfilled and the garden of the great Arthur Hellyer became accessible to the general public.

I was a working amateur gardener who took over the responsibility of the garden at Orchards, Rowfant, Sussex, after the death of Arthur in 1993. The restoration and re- development of the garden reach new heights after meeting my husband Philip in 1989.

Together we transformed the garden from a neglected plot, to one worthy of the National Gardens Scheme, to being included in the Good Gardens Guide from 1999 until we sold up in 2005.

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